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ViserIQ® consulting can provide comprehensive support to enterprises.

MWK 35,000
Price incriment per hour Schedule
Market Reserch
MWK 50,000
Price incriment per report Get Started
Business Planning
MWK 110,000
Price incriment on market value Get Started
General Management
Product Development
Sales and Marketing
Network and Distribution
Client Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to change plans after having selected one plan. New plan will be added on the invoice as an added service.

Yes, the business planning package combines all three plans into one. Please note that price may vary due to market value.

We share content that aims to create and give value to various mediums. This content is there to enable the creation of value.

No, we do not give bulk discounts nor partnered discounts.

No, this is a contract based service provision.

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